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Jonathan Asselstine’s First Solo

Here at the Kingston Flying Club we care about accuracy in our students’ landings…. sometimes to the fault of our staff’s aim! Narrowly avoiding a soaking, Jonathan is “soaking up” the glory of his first solo flight. Great job Jonathan!

Conor Corrigan’s First Solo

Flight training in Kingston has its perks… you find unique ways to beat the heat! Line staff Deji helps Conor feel refreshed after a charged-up first solo flight! Great job, Conor!

Pat Waters’ First Solo

It’s a brave student that flies their first solo in chilly November… knowing the risk of what comes afterward! We can only hope they used warm water to congratulate Pat… “Bravo Zulu” on a terrific first solo flight.

Lorne Gershman’s Multi-IFR Rating

Congratulations to instructor Lorne Gershman (pictured right) for completing his Group 1 Instrument Rating! Lorne will be leaving us this week to begin basic flight training on the Harvard II aircraft with the Canadian Forces. Good luck, Lorne! It’s been great flying with you.