Student Accomplishment

Pat Waters’ First Solo

It’s a brave student that flies their first solo in chilly November… knowing the risk of what comes afterward! We can only hope they used warm water to congratulate Pat… “Bravo Zulu” on a terrific first solo flight.

Assaf Shool’s First Solo

Congrats to Assaf Shool who executed a perfect 3 circuits for his first solo. Congrats also to instructor Lorne Gershman. Note the look of vindication on Assaf’s face as he enjoys the traditional post-solo shower!

Zach Raby’s First Solo

Zach Raby (receiving end) is “congratulated” by instructors Lorne and Johnathan on a great solo flight. Way to go Zach! Update (January 2019): Zach is currently flying as a King Air First Officer with Thunder Airlines.