katie smith - cfi

Instructor Class: 3
Teaches: Recreational, Private, Multi, Night, Instrument

Originally from Victoria BC, Katie is the current Chief Flight Instructor of the Kingston Flying Club. The majority of her training took place in Victoria, then Katie moved to Ottawa, where she taught an Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (iATPL) program. Before landing on flight instruction a few years ago, Katie was a high school teacher and a nurse in a rural African community.

barry burns

Instructor Class: 1
Teaches: Recreational, Private, Multi, Night, Instrument

A former CFI of the Kingston Flying Club, Barry is a veteran pilot with over 6000 flight hours. He has held numerous flight crew positions, from the Cessna 172 through the Boeing 737. He now instructs part-time when he isn’t busy flying corporate jets around the globe.

darryl brambilla

President, Kingston Flying Club

Darryl holds a private license, a night rating, and an over-the-top rating.

lorne judge


A retired firefighter-turned private pilot. His skills with a lawnmower or snowblower are unmatched.