Stay Tuned!

Please contact the Flying Club for details about when our next Ground School course will take place.


Ground School Fees are as follows:

Tuition $345.00 (1 year), or
Tuition $30.00 per class
Tuition $150.00 (repeat)

The ground school tuition fee is good for one year, which means you are free to sit in on any future ground school courses up to a year after your tuition is purchased. Ground School courses are normally offered 3 times per year: Winter, Spring, and Fall. During the COVID-19 pandemic, course availability is subject to change. If you would like to take another ground school course after your initial 1-year tuition has expired, a discounted rate of $150 for the entire session is offered.

Ground School Kit $345.00

This kit is designed to help you excel in your knowledge of flying. It is highly recommended for ALL pilot candidates to have a ground school kit for ready-reference material throughout their flight training. The Kingston Flying Club’s ground school kit contains the following materials:

From the Ground Up (Theoretical aspects of flight)
From the Ground Up Workbook
Flight Training Manual (Guide to flying lessons)
Flight Test Notes (How to Pass the Flight Test)
Pilot Log Book
ICAO Chart Ruler and Square Plotting Protractor (for navigation)
E6-B Flight Computer
Aeronautical Map of Southern Ontario
VFR Radio Procedures Handbook
Cessna 172 Pilot Operating Handbook
BONUS: Cessna 172 Instrument Panel Poster