Vanessa Ortelli's First Solo


In the midst of a global pandemic, and in between her 3rd year Geology exams at Queens, STEM powerhouse Vanessa Ortelli did a fantastic first solo.


March 24, 2021

Dan Goodwin's First Solo

How do you cool off on a hot summer day? Fly a great first solo… and then get dunked! Congrats Dan!

July 29, 2019

Emma McKendry's First Solo

A great job by Emma on her first solo flight!

July 16, 2019

David Martin's Commercial Pilot Licence

A big congrats to David Martin on passing his Commercial Flight Test with flying colours! Best of luck on in your aviation career!

February 11, 2019

Bruno Albano's First Solo

Congratulations on achieving the first milestone in your aviation career!

September 15, 2018

Chris Cowan's Multi-Engine Rating

Examiner Mark Braithwaite and Chris Cowan completed a great flight test today. Congratulations Chris!

March 26, 2018

Chris Cowan's Private Pilot Licence

After months of hard work, Chris can officially call himself a fully licensed pilot! Way to go!

November, 2017

Lorne Gershman's Multi-IFR Rating

Congratulations to instructor Lorne Gershman (pictured right) for completing his Group 1 Instrument Rating! Lorne will be leaving us this week to begin basic flight training on the Harvard II aircraft with the Canadian Forces. Good luck, Lorne! It’s been great flying with you.

April 9, 2016

Assaf Shool's Private Flight Test

Congratulations to Assaf Shool for flying an excellent flight test and becoming the Kingston Flying Club’s newest licenced pilot!

January 23, 2016

Sophie Coles' Multi-Engine Rating

Despite a stretch of bad weather, Sophie Coles successfully completed her multi-engine rating on December 19th. Congrats Sophie!

December 19, 2015


Mahalia Wreggitt's Multi-Engine Rating

Congrats to Mahalia Wreggitt for completing her multi-engine rating!

November 29, 2015

Elisha Peterson's First Solo

Another week, another great first solo, this time by Elisha. Keep up the good work!

October 30, 2015

Lorne Gershman's Multi-Engine Rating

Congratulations to instructor Lorne Gershman (pictured left) for completing his multi-engine rating! Lorne will be starting basic training to become a pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces next week and should have a real leg up on the competition!

October 23, 2015

Paul Loyst's First Solo

Congratulations to Paul Loyst (pictured left) for completing his first solo!

October 21, 2015

Scott Hall's First Solo

On an unseasonably warm day in October, Scott got tired of his instructor and kicked him out of the plane… and proceeded to execute three perfect touch and gos! Way to go Scott!!!

October 8, 2015

Mahalia Wreggitt's Commercial Flight Test

One of our most dedicated commercial students, Mahalia flew an excellent flight test and is now pursuing a float course in Kelowna. Congrats Mahalia!

August 28, 2015


Zach Raby's First Solo

Zach Raby (on the receiving end) is “congratulated” by instructors Lorne and Johnathan on a great first solo flight. Way to go Zach!

July 23, 2015


Randall Legere's Private Flight Test

Congratulations to Randall Legere (pictured left) on one of the quickest private pilot courses in the history of the Flying Club! Randall arrived from Peterborough on June 2nd ready for his first solo flight, and finished in just 59 days!

July 30, 2015


Assaf Shool's First Solo

Congrats to Assaf Shool who executed a perfect 3 circuits for his first solo. Congrats also to instructor Lorne Gershman. Note the look of vindication on Assaf’s face as he enjoys the traditional post-solo shower!

July 23, 2015


Erik Hutten's Private Flight Test


Congratulations to Erik Hutten for passing the flight test for his Private Pilot Licence. Way to go Erik!

June 20, 2015


Jeff Douglass's Private Flight Test

Congrats to Jeff Douglass who after months of practice and years of ultralight flying, flew an excellent flight test to become our newest certified Private Pilot! Jeff intends to make the most of his new privileges by flying into the United States.

June 6, 2015


Alexandre Charest Bisnaire's First Solo

In between exams and assignments in his final year at Queens U, Alexandre Charest Bisnaire still managed to squeeze in some cold flights to achieve his first solo flight!


February 8, 2015


Jeremy Wilson's First Solo

With the sun shining, light winds and -35ºC (it felt like that) Jeremy Wilson went for it! He braved the elements and performed a perfect first solo! Jeremy was then christened with a pail of snow.

CONGRATULATIONS Jeremy, well done!!

January 31, 2015


Mike Johnson's Private Flight Test

Newly minted Captain Johnson started his first flight of the New Year with his first set of passengers! Mike’s oldest wants to start his flight training tomorrow!!

(Dad can I borrow the credit card??)

January 3, 2015


Vaibhav Patel's Commercial Flight Test

Congratulations to veteran pilot Vaibhav Patel on the completion of his Commercial Pilot Licence!!!
Update: Vaibhav is now a cargo pilot with Cargojet, flying the mighty Boeing 767!

May 17, 2013


Nick Brownell's Private Flight Test

Nick Brownell was one of several successful candidates who completed their PPL flight tests in 2013.
Update: Nick is now an airline pilot with Air Canada Jazz, flying the Dash 8-Q400!

April 21, 2013


Steve Boston's Private Flight Test

Congratulations to Steve Boston on a successful Private Pilot Flight Test… Bravo Zulu!

March 3, 2013


Jeff Douglass's First Solo

The cold weather didn’t stop Jeff Douglass’s enthusiasm and may have even helped him demonstrate a flawless landing for his first solo. This left his grumpy instructor with nothing to criticize!

Congratulations on the hard work Jeff!

January 15, 2013