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Ever wondered what it’s like to fly a plane? Do you have a family member who’s always dreamed of being a pilot? A friend who’s crazy about airplanes? A colleague you want to impress? Looking for something to do now that you’re retired? If so, why not climb aboard for a half-hour Introductory Flight. It’s a great way to dip your toes into the world of aviation.


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Experience the joy and wonder of flight firsthand. This 30-minute flight combines a flying lesson with a sightseeing tour, allowing you to actually take control of the plane and get a feel for how it flies. Your fully qualified flight instructor will guide you through the takeoff, help you fly the plane on a scenic waterfront tour of Kingston, and bring you back for a smooth landing at the airport. While airborne, you’ll get to touch the controls, feel how the plane responds, and learn the basics of how to fly. It’s a terrific way to peek into the world of aviation.


Attractively priced at $98.00 + HST, an Introductory Flight also makes a great gift.


freqently asked questions

Usually, an Introductory Flight is about 30 minutes long. It could run a little longer or shorter depending on the amount of air traffic present during the flight. We do our best to ensure you get a full 30 minutes at the controls of the plane.

For a 30-minute flight, the total cost is $110.74 ($98.00 + HST).

If you want to log the hours, you have to fly by yourself with the instructor. If you want, you can take up to 2 people in the back seats, but you can’t log the hours in your logbook. See the next question for more details.

If it’s just you and the instructor in the plane, yes. Because of the way Transport Canada regulates flight training, you can only log the time if it’s just you and the instructor in the plane.

However, you can still do the exact same flight lesson, but with passengers! The only difference is that we have to process the flight as a “sightseeing flight”. Unfortunately, you can’t log the hours in this sceneario, but you’ll still be able to take control of the plane and get a feel for how it flies, just the same as if it was an Introductory Flight.

We usually plan Introductory Flights to go along Kingston’s waterfront, do a few circles over downtown, and then head back to the airport. However, we are flexible in terms of the route of flight – talk to your pilot on the day of the flight!

If the weather is bad, we’ll work with you to re-book the flight on a day that works for everyone. (No charge to re-book.)

The amount of flying you get to do is a little different for each person, but at a minimum, you’ll get to take control of the airplane after takeoff, once the plane has leveled off at cruise altitude. Your instructor will handle the takeoff and landing, although they’ll teach you lots of cool stuff, from engine startup to shutdown!

No. Your first lesson is an immersive experience that will feature about an hour of teaching on the ground prior to going up and flying for about 45 minutes. The flying portion is similar to an Introductory Flight, but your first lesson will focus on being prepared and knowledgeable so that you get the maximum learning out of the flying portion.

There’s no age limit! Whether you’re 8 or 88, you’re welcome to join us. We also have a variety of child and booster seats for our youngest future pilots.

We typically recommend booking at least two weeks in advance due to high demand for your pilots and planes. We have limited availability inside the two-week window – call us to talk about this.

To book a flight, call the club at 613-389-0954, or e-mail us at