Lorne Gershman’s Multi-Engine Rating

Congratulations to instructor Lorne Gershman (pictured left) for completing his multi-engine rating! Lorne will be starting basic training to become a pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces next week and should have a real leg up on the competition!

Scott Hall’s First Solo

On an unseasonably warm day in October, Scott got tired of his instructor and kicked him out of the plane… and proceeded to execute three perfect touch and gos! Way to go Scott!!!

Randall Legere’s Private Flight Test

Congratulations to Randall Legere (pictured left) on one of the quickest private pilot courses in the history of the Flying Club! Randall arrived from Peterborough on June 2nd ready for his first solo flight, and finished his PPL course in just 59 days!

Assaf Shool’s First Solo

Congrats to Assaf Shool who executed a perfect 3 circuits for his first solo. Congrats also to instructor Lorne Gershman. Note the look of vindication on Assaf’s face as he enjoys the traditional post-solo shower!